Wednesday , October 26 2016

Napflix, a Netflix’s content bored to sleep the siesta


It was time that someone invented it! Some Spanish entrepreneurs have created a new platform of streaming content. Something that did not exist until now and it seems had a gap in the market for audiovisual content. So simple and at the same time so cool. A platform that offers …

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Apps for Android Wear 2.0 must be installed separately


We have known these days that the smartwatches are not picking up positive, but rather negative sales figures, and it is not only that is Android Wear the guilty of this, but Apple also seen with his Watch, which follows the same path of discouragement to a format of product …

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The cost of manufacture of the Pixel XL is $ 285


To the cost 278 dollars the manufacturing of the Pixel XL, this phone is put to the height that others range high as are the iPhone 7 Plus and the Galaxy S7 edge of Samsung. Was your idea main, the place is in a space in which fight in a …

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Soon you could download iMessage for Android


Apple has revealed their latest results financial and an of them categories that more has grown in income are the services, between which can enter Apple Music and others so many. An indicator that cannot be closed if same to make their apps more important, as it is the aforementioned …

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The best games of terror this Halloween by 2016


Halloween night is the terror that dwells within us and which can be awakened through a scene from a movie in which two girls roam through a corridor, as in the glow of Stephen King, or that Freddy Krueger that inhabits the dreams of teenagers in nightmare of Elm Street, …

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Pokémon GO deploys the scariest monsters for Halloween


Click here to view the embedded video. Pokémon GO has been a milestone in this technological world in which we operate today. Since it was released, got that, literally, millions of people to explore the streets of their towns and villages to hunt those creatures emerging from the augmented reality …

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