Wednesday , March 22 2017

Android Pay is now available in Belgium


Mobile payment platform developed by Google for the Android operating system, Android Pay, now available officially in Belgium. This was announced by the company Google, which thus makes this small but important European country in the tenth nation to receive a Android Pay. As in the other nine countries where …

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The inventor of the lithium battery develops a more powerful


Almost sure that the name of John Goodenough sounds to few or none. But it is one of those anonymous people without whom the technology we know today would not be possible. This American born in Germany is responsible for the creation of the current batteries that we use. It …

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Samsung maintains the lead in the world market of NAND memory flash


According to the latest study by DRAMeXchange, the South Korean company Samsung continues to dominate the world making memories NAND market flash. Although NAND memory chip flash was originally introduced by the Toshiba company, since its emergence, the industry landscape has undergone drastic changes: Samsung has positioned itself as the …

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Samsung Internet Beta, now available the internet browser


Samsung would like to create your own Android applications and was missing the manufacturer having its own browser. Until now. And it is finally available Samsung Internet Beta, a Web browser that has a number of features that differentiate it from Chrome, its main competitor. With this move the Korean …

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