Thursday , September 29 2016

Numerous clocks Android Wear not link with 7 iPhone


Android Wear is Google’s operating system for smart watches, the adaptation of this OS for a few special devices, especially for its size. One of its main advantages is that it is capable of functioning linked with both Android smartphones and Apple’s iOS, although its features are more limited when …

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The Micro Machines are now a game for Android


Remember the Micro Machines? Yes man, those cars tiny of toy that advertised on TV with a voice in off to all speed. Because now have arrived in form of video game for devices Android. Micro Machines is now available on the Google Play Store as a free application form …

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More problems for Samsung with Note 7 more?


It seems that the Korean giant saw no end to the nightmare that suffers with the Galaxy Note 7 from the day they saw the light. After those incidents with the explosion of their batteries, them fire caused and them thousand and an anecdotes, the history continues. A time located …

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Huawei Tizen looks to its next smartwatches


Android Wear is a modified version of Android designed specifically for the smartwatches. The only thing that happens is that it has been a bit neglected or left side before that market of smartwatches that seems doomed to have it difficult in sales. And is that even Apple with his …

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SoundCloud could soon be bought by Spotify


When a company brings more power, money and users, is capable of make is with others that are related with your lei motiv. Is something normal, since includes to that acquired as a service more or for expand the Repertoire related with mismamente the music, such as occurs with Spotify. …

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