Friday , December 9 2016

Google Assistant in Allo now responds in hindi and Brazilian


When it’s launched Google Allo a couple of months ago, we are left with the desire for power have a conversation in Spanish, since in its initial phase only offered support to the English, as happens with other Google products when they are released to the market. Anyway, Allo allowed …

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Forged to Fight, new title of Transformers to the spring of 2017


The saga Transformer is of the more prolific, with toys, comics, films, series of animation and also games for Android. To them titles that already can find in the Play Store of Google, as for example Transformers: Battle Tactics, will join soon one new that will receive by name Transformers: …

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Xiaomi Lunar checks the quality of our dream


We are already accustomed to seeing devices of very different shapes, colors and sizes. But from time to time a manufacturer us surprise with a novelty. I refer to novelty for being something not seen before. Xiaomi us offers a new gadjet with an appearance curious. Lunar is a device …

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The list of smartphones that will receive Android 7.0


Them months of January and February tend to be them chosen for them range high of them different manufacturers begin to receive the new version greater of Android. Some dates that is partitioned between all those brands to emerge as which more fast is capable of do get that version …

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Motorola is committed to launch 12 new Moto Mod to the year


While LG is in the doubt of if follow with the appearance modular in the next LG G6, since there are information contradictory with which not is clarifies if will continue to, Motorola seems that has found a form of distance is of the competition with those add-ons in the …

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A new smartphone Meizu is filtered with the lateral curved


If there is something that has given the note this year, apart from the configuration dual in the cameras rear, is the effect curved in them side of several phones of large brands. A trend that started Samsung with its Galaxy S6, so the S7 gave the touch end and …

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