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2 Galcon: Galactic Conquest gets you full in the conquest of the Galaxy with its multiplayer

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A year ago we had Star Trek Pexels as one of the most striking additions to explore other planets. A theme of science fiction that we would like to see more by Google Play Store but also we are missing titles. I mention of Star Trek by have to do nothing more than with that theme of exploration, but what we have at hand takes us to different course closer to the strategy and the multiplayer. This combination is not so easy to find in a game that really calls us attention, and more with this space theme that we always have as great Star Craft 2 Blizzard.

Galcon 2 is a multiplayer strategy game in which mathematics will serve us much and in which we must conquer the Galaxy through its levels filled with different configurations with which we will have to squeeze us a little brain to get out with the victory. A surprising game of strategy that can give back by some details that carry us to a game a little amateur, but poking around in its depth found a gameplay that quickly puts us before the game to enjoy before those games multiplayer offering. An interesting game that we will discuss some of the main characteristics.

Calculating troops and conquering the Galaxy

If I said that mathematics will serve us much it is because you have to know well rationing the troops that are being created on the planets that we will conquer. That said, if the planet is larger, the speed with which Iran creating troops will be higher, so we put ourselves in the position in which they know how to choose where throwing those troops, if to protect those who have conquered or deliver them to conquer others.

Galcon 2

While we decide the strategy, we have the enemy by throwing their movements and positioning itself before us to try to conquer us. The truth is that the AI or artificial intelligence, is quite aggressive, so don’t you be surprised you if seconds is taking about your planets or attacking you.

And it is here where we are directly with the gameplay of Galcon 2 and is able to lead us in seconds into action. Logically the games against other players are where actually the chicha of this game and if already with the AI we entertain, fights against other exponentially multiply the quality of this video game.

Maps of enormous size

Apart from the gameplay engaging, Galcon 2 has some interesting qualities in the maps of enormous dimensions and what are the clans put us squarely in well interesting game where we will have to see them with more players from other clans. The reality is that your multiplayer surpasses the other areas.

Galcon 2

And with regard to the level of amateur who has, this is noted in the menus, since them missing a bit of work and looks more like a game of the 1980s which one today. I am not speaking of that retro look, but that is missing the point of professionalism. Anyway, this also gives your charm to make it a game a bit special, since it also has a little.

A video game to test him and if the multiplayer is your thing , you will have many moments of great fun. You have it for free from the Google Store Play with obvious micropayments.

Technical quality

We have a title that differs from the others by its gameplay, its multiplayer aspect and the clans. Graphically is a tad basic but complies with the premise of the strategy to go directly to this objective. Let’s say that the technical aspect as the effects, troops or planets pass into the background when you spend more time balancing the number of troops that has each planet.

Opinion of the editor


  • Its multiplayer aspect and clans
  • Its gameplay hooks


  • The main menu interface could be more elaborate

Download application

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