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3 to 4 million are the Pixel expected to sell in 2016


Google Pixel has been released and since Tuesday has not stopped talking about this phone due to the repercussions that has for Android manufacturers, competitors such as Apple or the operating system itself, since you will have some exclusives that neither the Nexus will be available until you do not spend time. A phone to the height in the price to the Galaxy of Samsung and iPhone of Apple that is receiving all a barrage of critical.

Luke Lin, analyst head of Digitimes Reserach, has declared that is expected that is sold between them 3 and the 4 million of Google Pixel in the second half of 2016. Although this figure is lower considerably will get you the iPhone 7, it will mark an important influx of sales to the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC. Lin indicated that the distributions of the Pixel will be between 40-50% of all the total sales of the company for the second half of the year.

Although Pixel has been a smartphone designed between Google and HTC, is demarcated as a product of Google so all HTC Google distributions are considered as JDM (joint design manufacturing) by Digitimes Reserach and not framed within the own HTC brand.

Lin pointed out that there are various market analysts that they have compared Pixel to 7 iPhone smartphones in terms of specifications, but another story will be sales with one greater volume of distributions for Apple phones. For other HTC devices, is expected to arrive at 6, 5-7 million units for the second half of the year, 10% of the 5, 8-6, 1 million units that were in the first.

We will see if these figures are thus and Pixel is able to pass them in these three months that remain before end of year.

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