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4 apps for streaming of video games that are not Twitch

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If one speaks of an app for the streaming of video games is a must to mention Twitch, the application for this type of service excellence that has become one of the diversions of millions of people around the world. Times are changing and there are many young audiences instead of watch TV every day passed their hours enjoying of the best games of greater popularity of the moment. LoL, Dota and Starcraft II are able to unite themselves to hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis from their smartphones or screens.

A few days in which we live that not everything is Twitch and the reality is that we have a variety of apps that respond to the needs of other users looking for a platform other than this so popular. And is that by here are the shots as it relates to this post where you can find four apps for streaming of video games in which you can find from a community that surrounds the large Dota, one of the top rivals in League of Legends, or another who are encouraged to comment on what happens with this great MOBA which published years ago Riot Games to become one of the games multiplayer online most played in history.

League of Stars

Here is where we begin, by the same League of Legends or LoL. This videogame MOBA has its League of Legends Championship Series where they meet the best players of the moment, so this app called League of Stars is perfect to be aware of everything that happens in this title.

League of Stars

It allows the fans read news, watch items, the results and follow the overall ranking of the game. You will be able to follow your favorite lol team, either in the American and European leagues. The app has even fully integrated streaming functionality, to see these items in real time or view them later if you don’t have the time to do so. This is same so it offers reminders feature so you don’t miss any of these spectacular items.

Download: League of Stars (Free, Google Play) →


We have a platform which gives support to a community organized around streaming of games, see tournaments and connect with others who love the same games that one same. It has the quality to be able to launch your own streaming to show the good player you are to even be able to use the camera and microphone and delight with your skills to capture those players who will follow your games.


An app to Android 5.0 or higher required to do streaming, even if only want to play content you can install it on a device with Android 4.1 or higher. You can play streams exclusive of games of great popularity as Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Clash Royale, C-Opss, Vainglory and Hearthstone.

Download: Mobcrush (Free, Google Play) →


You can attend the best players in all kinds of categories such as RPGs, casual or racing games. It allows to participate in communities of gamers and be aware of everything that happens in this world with new games, tricks, and all those news stories that you don’t miss anything and be the more gamer of all. It includes the option to share thoughts, recordings of games and connect with your friends to so can spend it better.

Game Duck

Apart from these comments, you can share your best scores, ask about questions that you have about games and record your own advice or recommendations for other players. GameDuck also offers streaming video in real time, and although it is not so well known as Twitch, is another important alternative to consider. It includes support to FaceCam allowing to add expressions to the streaming that you’re doing.

Download: GameDuck – record, share (Free, Google Play) →

Live Dota

Live Dota

We have just the list with an essential app for fans of Dota. It allows you to follow your favorite teams and leagues with notifications so that when they are in direct you can be there for you don’t miss even a second of retransmission. It includes statistics in real time of deaths, objects, graphics and much more. You can play in the background audio streams and see the statistics of the recent games game.

Detail is the widget to access an overview of items online.

Download: Live Dota (Free, Google Play) →

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