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4 apps of Android to clone other apps and have several instances at the same time

Clonar apps

They usually tend to be the community manager that they have often been pushed into those apps that clone to others to have multiple accounts of certain services provided do not have multiple accounts. It is not the best option, since there are services that are responsible for multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts, but for certain applications can come in very handy the creation of multiple instances of the same.

And while also are a few apps that allow the use of multiple accounts, as happened not long ago with Instagram, the fact is that each time we have better options with apps that as his greatest main virtue is the cloning of other applications. Best of all is that they do not require to be ROOT and you can even have two separate games like Clash of Clans accounts or many others. Also have several instances of a same app not causes failures or problems of any kind, so is well recommended for certain applications.

Parallel Space

A well developed app and having in mind the simplicity and performance. Is this last attribute an of them more important when seek to create several instances of a same application, by what Parallel Space makes a great work in this sense. You can clone any app you want to use it.

Parallel Space

After you have cloned an app, will be shown in the drawer of application with the sign “+” showing that would be before the version cloned. The updates also work quite well and when the original has downloaded a new version, the cloned it application. Also from the menu to share you can bring anything to the application.

Download: Parallel Space-Multi accounts (Free, Google Play) →

App Cloner

While Parallel Space you can serve for any app, App Cloner is exquisite in this sense. Not all apps can use it, but it is the offering more customization options from this list of four. If already like pass to more features have the version pro that offers change some of those aspects of the icon of the app cloned, the lock of the same app or the support to Google Maps for apps cloned.

App Cloner

All so don’t worry by the icon of the pro version, since the majority of the launchers they allow you to customize them. This app also offers support for multi-window for LG and Samsung devices and Android Wear.

Download: App Cloner (Free*, Google Play) →

2Accounts: Multi-User Switch

This app is designed to put on privacy. It allows you to create a safety lock for all parallel accounts ever created. No one apart from you will be able to enter into these apps parallel, so if you want to have that special account do not want anyone to investigate it when let you the tablet or phone, this just gives the nail in this sense.


What happens is that 2Accounts does not create an app icon in the applications drawer or on the desktop. You will have to Open the app all the time you want to access the apps cloned, what may be all a drawback for some users, so notified are.

Download: 2Accounts (Free*, Google Play) →



This is the simpler and more manageable four apps app for cloning. Very well and saves a lot of battery when compared to other applications. Even if you don’t have any kind of personalization options, the features offered are sufficient for what one looks for in a basic way when you install an application of this type.

Like the first, is able to clone the most applications. Apart from cloning, also allows access to a space for private exploration, a full mode incognito for web browsing. This has the ability to use an unlock pattern. One of the best virtues of is performance offering.

Download: 2Face – Multi Accounts (Free, Google Play) →

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