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4 reasons why Pebble has hit the nail with its smart watches


From the Pebble appeared with his smartwatch in 2012 in a campaign Kickstarter that earned more than $ 10 million, the concept has been improving for maintaining its essence, but continue to have more with each of their new editions. There are many who found the first Pebble was the first smart watch that seemed necessary. It had a large battery that lasted a week and could match with any smartphone.

Now, in the days of Android Wear, Apple Watch and other brands launching their wearables, Pebble unveiled a few days ago to 2 Pebble and Pebble Time 2. While many others are those who think that Pebble has fallen behind in the race of this type of device wearables to Android Wear characteristics, this brand is aimed at a market competitive from a different perspective. These are the four reasons to keep looking the smartwatches from their own point of view.

A clock with extras

Many we become accustomed to having a clock in our doll which looked at to know the time. A reflex that occurs at the time that you get another device that looks the same, but finally not coming to what was a simple and plain watch.

Pebble Time

Pebble, using an e-ink or e-paper screen, lets you know at all times the hour which is without having the feeling that the autonomy which the wearable is drinking. Something that occur with the wearables that use Android Wear and who need to switch them to only look at the time that is.

Another benefit of a panel of e-ink is its visibility, something that you may know who have a Kindle.

The physical buttons


The Pebble is characterized by its four physical buttons: back, forward, down and selection. It is one of their palpable and visible differences to other platforms as it happens with Android Wear, which are based on the touch screen. This allows that we don’t have to be almost fighting us with a very small screen so that, by the simple fact of pressing one of these four buttons, we can control all of the Pebble.

Also these buttons can be customized so touch long, can release an app directly. You can send a text message immediately and make fast interactions without having to go through touching the screen.

Voice control at all times


New models of Pebble finally included the basic voice and microphone controls to be at the height of Android Wear, one of the best features of this modified version of Android. We cannot say to get on par with Wear, but works at all times.

Although it is still in phase of progress, since developers are beginning to integrate this great advantage in their apps, is expected to be more than one function that comes as a ring to the finger to a wearable as it is the Pebble. Here come into play physical buttons to pressing them long to launch an app and begin to “listen to us”.

His great virtue: battery

Pebble Time

Pebble it gave in the nail with the battery, it’s that simple. If there are still many users who don’t want to buy a smart watch is having to be every day removing you the wearable to load and return to get it.

We can almost say that there is just no smarwatches that can compete with Pebble in this aspect. A Pebble can go ten days with a single charge and an active panel 24/7 days a week. A faculty that if single is the best excuse for you to buy a watch of this brand.

Pebble is the smart watch that does not need to be charged daily, is on all the time and displays notifications. And now it even has voice controls, so they are 4 good reasons to demonstrate why Pebble is what it is today.

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