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58 chrome for Android brings improvements to downloads and browsing history

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It is not yet known when we will see ads blocker who would be preparing Google Chrome, but unless Android users have received this week new features and enhancements via an update announced recently by the company.

On the official website of the Chrome Releases blog we see that the browser Chrome for Android was updated to version 58.0.3029.83 and comes with 3 new features that bind to the improvements released by updating last week. Specifically, the previous update brought improvements to the user experience with progressive web applications, improvements to interaction with multimedia content and a full screen mode.

The new Chrome for Android update also focuses on the interaction of users and aims to create a more consistent experience across all platforms where you can use your web browser.

The first novelty that we find in the latest update has to do with how to manage the links in Chrome. According to Google, a user can press for long on a link and it will automatically open in a new tab.

Also, the way to explore the navigation history or the downloads page has also suffered several improvements to have a style similar to the version of Chrome for PC.

For example, users can enjoy the downloads in progress via a Chrome page after installing the new update. If someone did not know it, the past downloads only could be through applications from third parties or through the Android notification bar, but the new downloads page will allow users to view the current downloads and manage them from the own Chrome.

Finally, the navigation history page was also redesigned to facilitate the Elimination of certain pages or the cleaning of all history. With the new update also come some performance improvements and bug fixes.

Google said that the new Chrome 58.0.3029.83 for Android will be available through the Play Store along this week.

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