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7.0 Android Nougat comes to Sony Xperia X Perfomance

Xperia X Perfomance

Sony is one of the manufacturers that best has managed to play his cards around the updates that have come to their devices. Even has been able to extend support in updates to certain terminals as it was the Xperia Z who came to the two and a half years, when others nor come at this time of life for new firmware.

Sony Xperia X Perfomance can already boast of having their ration of nougat, Nougat Android 7.0. And not only in beta form as it is happening with other brands, but it gets in its final version, so any user who has this terminal you can spend Christmas with the 7.0 of Android that brings some very interesting series of advantages.

Nougat is that version of Android that makes the system work better in his second shots and putting the lace in certain details such as shortcuts in the notifications panel.

This update to the 7.0 version of Android is available in the form of OTA for F8131 and F8132 variants. The firmware version is the 39.2. a. 0.327.

Now we are left with the desire to really know when Nougat will come for other devices as it is the same Z5 Xperia, Xperia XZ and rest of repertoire that is between plans from manufacturer Nippon so you have your version of nougat in the next two months.

One of the first steps is already given, so a little patience for the other terminals. It only remains to know when we will have the next version 7.1, or if on the other hand, the Japanese company is expected to complete launch the 7.1.1 that will be coming to Nexus devices on same 6 December next. This form of upgrade brings more headaches, since when the 7.0, some devices will have the 7.1, while others already the 7.1.1.

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