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A Commodore 64 running from makes 25 years

Caja de Commodore 64

It seems like science fiction. Or impossible. Electronic equipment made today that hold 25 years running does not fit into our modern minds. In fact, a computer you buy today, possibly in a few weeks is old. The constant evolution in the computer equipment is partly responsible.

Is true that this evolution in technology us has benefited much. The computers we use today much easier us life and everyday tasks. The extreme competitiveness between them hundreds of brands that monopolize our market help to day to day have news. Is virtually impossible to be updated to the 100%.

Already not do computers like the past?

Is something that we have heard many times. Already do things like the old. Especially when something breaks down. In this case, this sentence comes to sense absolute. In a workshop in Poland continues to operate a computer with 34 years of age. If we are of the same fifth!. It best of all is that came to the workshop when this model was nine years in the market.

They say the owners of the workshop never gave a ruling. Twenty-five years of uninterrupted work. With flood included and all. Since 1990 in their job, and without any complaint. It is really something extraordinary. A computer that has suffered over the years and who continues to serve as the first day.

Current technology has been accused on several occasions of obsolescence. Our brand new computers or smartphones soon cease to be current. Through updates of software and others, a phone with more than two years already begins to suffer from aging. In fact, the life of almost any electronic device is not usually almost in no case more than 10 years.

The life of a current computer leaves much to be desired.

Commodore taller Polonia

In 10 years, a computer model changes countless times. Are put on the market new models and versions. Updated the design, materials, software, components and storage capacity. In short, get our equipments are old. This happens with almost all products from the market. Vehicles, electrical appliances and clothing. But applied to technology leap is usually always more large.

After acquiring a terminal, we know a new version of the same month. This inadvertently leads us to having to replace it. See as those models earlier remain in many occasions barren of accessories or spare parts. And already not we carry with us the latest.

When they manufactured this Commodore 64 the world was different. In that time does not exist such competitiveness technology. Not had nor the need of having a computer in house or in the work. And clear them prices nor were the same. Investing in a computer was something that had to think well. In this case we can say that the investment has result cost-effective.

All those computers buy during 34 years?

A computer, that although not has been treated with much mimo, has gotten that their manufacturers are proud. The subsidiary American published the photo of the old computer at the beginning of this year. It is in a version more economic that the model original, the Commodore 64 c. It was presented to the world in the year 1987. The same year that the former USSR launched into space the “Soyuz” for the creation of a space station. Possibly many readers do not ye born still.

In Gdansk, town where you will find this now famous Commodore owners claim not need even to replace it. Fulfills its task perfectly calibrating spindles. Free Trojan virus infections. Free to receive Spam. Quiet by do not need any update. Functioning as the first day. Who knows if in 10 years we will return to talk about it.

Do you think it would be possible to find a Sony Vaio from 2016, for example, running in the year 2050?. Or an operating MacBoock “of the finite” thirty-four years later?. It really seems that it is not possible. Our technology expires until we can realize. But this story teaches us that engineers and designers could design durable “appliances”. Why not do it you?.

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