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A filtration maintains that the HTC smartwatch is delayed until fall

HTC 10

HTC 10 has achieved something very positive for the manufacturer Taiwanese and not receive negative reviews. A point in their favor to leave for another destination and which settle to attempt to prove other things with the next mobile go launching. What happens is that, with all this positivity has forgotten us that HTC must be on the verge of launching its own smartwatch.

Evan Blass, the popular news filter, has revealed in today than the smartwatch of HTC has been delayed again, this time until the autumn. Bitter news for a smart watch for the Taiwanese company which have been rumored in various news, so that a vast majority will speak that it would not come on these, or approximate dates.

So it seems that HTC has no great hurry to throw your smart watch. The best of this is that they are possibly taking care of details for a wearable that could become one of their best claims if it is capable of launching a product that differs from others.

Take advantage of this sector, where not even Apple has managed to succeed with your Watch, come you like ring finger in order to recover the path of success. Would not be the first time that HTC stands out in something, since Android was among the first to launch mobile devices of quality to a SO that took very little time in the market.

About rumors of the possible smartwatch, we have gone from what would be a so-called release for the month of April, to finally move to a month of June we can already delete calendar.

HTC has not said anything about it, but if we know that Wear Android 2.0 will be released in the fall, take advantage of the timing and the occasion is no nonsense. We already met that Wear 2.0 will be major upgrade of the optimized version of Android to wearables, so if it is capable of launching a clock that has a great design and a good number of faculties, it could be more than interesting.

A filtration article maintains that the HTC smartwatch is delayed until the autumn has been originally published in Androidsis.

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