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A fragmented Android with maintenance updates?


I don’t know if I have no memory or that it happens, but I think remember that Google was looking for how to alleviate the so-called as the fragmentation of Android. A problem inherent to this system operating in which them manufacturers of smartphones is them come and is them wish for to publish in time those new updates. A few updates bringing new languages of design, interface changes or all these new developments in systems such as doze, getting to be necessary to eliminate battery-saving features as happened with Sony STAMINA mode (exists today but clearly transformed what was).

We now know that Google will publish for Nexus devices maintenance updates that will bring several new features and solutions to bugs and performance problems. It is very good news because the system will be updated every so often, but to what is fragmentation in Android we have to version 7.0, the 7.1, the 7.1.1 and 7.1.2 the. Clear that aglutinaremos all those versions in the 7.0 Nougat and is finished, but the reality is that will have that be waiting to Samsung, LG and others so many have that update their smartphones unless pass autumn of them and wait to another great version. So we already have a new dilemma on the table.

We do have our smartphone to last

The difference between have Marshmallow and Nougat, if look to the system doze, that to improve the battery of the device, is that in the first this system enters in operation when the mobile is on a surface smooth during a determined time in rest, while, in the new version, this system enters in operation even when it carry in the Pocket. The differences between two versions mean an increase of battery, so no one wants to stay in the 6.0 and is waiting the 7.0.


This is that we like having our smartphone to the last and is also a claim of them manufacturers both in them updates as in them new devices that carry to the market. But is now when put to the 7.1, the 7.1.1 and the 7.1.2. That is very well because of our part will be commenting on the new features of the system to it long and will have a programming of when will arrive, but for them manufacturers will be another Bull with that deal. If it already costs you publish those updates in time, when will we have any of those three new versions of Nougat? Best wait is to the next higher version? Allow to install the user Allo, Nexus Launcher and others if same?

Many questions that arise

Android fragmentation is something inherent in this system. The best form of solve this problem is see it as is a part of Android and already is, but that possible solution that sought Google to alleviate it, finally is will be in water of Borage and will see even more versions swarming in that pie as graphic that publishes monthly them of Mountain View.


By what seems that Google has given by impossible it of the fragmentation and what is a problem it goes to convert in a virtue and in something with what them manufacturers will have that combat to try to get those updates to its new smartphones. Do not want to think that it is a way to force them to those layers custom, heavy the vast majority of them, see that weight reduced and increasingly have a resemblance to pure Android as it happens with Sony and some other so many more.

If you have a custom light coat, it will be easier to include these minimum versions, although that Yes, all have to go through the phase of development in which there is to find solutions and problems, so they will be months until we see the 7.1 in those new Galaxy S7 and other terminals. Ultimately in Android fragmentation increases, the problems for manufacturers grow and waiting for those updates will come to despair to some.

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