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A new app from Samsung will prevent distractions to drivers

Mobile technology increasingly is more present in our lives and to do so, sometimes it is difficult to discern those moments in which is better to let our parked smartphone, Pun, because precisely, driving is one of those actions incompatible with the mobile phone that, despite the prohibitions, still takes too many lives each year.

Aware of this problem, a subsidiary of the South Korean Samsung called Samsung Electronics Benelux B.V., has announced that it is working on a new application called In-Traffic Reply that that will help drivers keep your attention on the road.

According to the press release that has been published by the company, In-Traffic Reply is a very simple application that will be activated automatically when it detects that the user is moving through the phone’s GPS. Once activated, whenever you receive calls or text messages inbound, the app will send a reply automatically, which may be a message default type “I’m driving, so I cannot answer at this time”, either a funny answer lively or even a message that the user has customized.

Although for the moment it is not clear, it seems logical to assume that, in those cases in which the user is not driver but a passenger in the vehicle, this function will disable simple and temporary.

Since some media they point out that the idea, even if it is worthy of acknowledgment for trying to help the safety of drivers and passengers, it is not new or revolutionary because already there are applications like SMS Auto Reply in the Play Store that make something similar for years. In addition, even Android Auto has a similar feature.

Samsung has stated that Reply In-Traffic is currently in beta version and the full version will be launched in the Google Store Play in the middle of may.

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