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A new flexible memory could boost the creation of flexible smartphones

A group of scientists from the University of Exeter has presented a document which details the development of a new storage technology based on the grafenor and which could “pave the way for a future golden age of Electronics”.

Apparently, it’s an alternative that cheaper, more efficient and more environmentally friendly than the traditional flash storagewould be. The new storage solution features an ultra high speed, is incredibly small, offers a high memory capacity and is transparent and flexible.

New Graphene could be the perfect solution for use in flexible smartphones and memory in garments smart, in such a way that it could completely displace current flash memory technology in the electronics sector, especially if high performance is scalable.

The researchers say that memory is cheaper and more adaptable than the flash memory, with “excellent performance of resistance and retention”.

Professor David Wright, lead author of the paper, says that “the use of oxide Graphene to produce memory devices already has been informed before, but they were usually very large, slow” and are focused on cheap electronic products. And continues: “our hybrid memory of oxide graphene – oxide of titanium, on the contrary, it has only 50 nanometers in length and 8 nanometers in thickness and you can write and read in less than 5 nanoseconds“.

As it is usual when advances of this kind occur, even to it could be several years until this new flexible memory technology comes to market mass, but certainly sounds very promising. Considering the hypothetical proximity of flexible smart phones and even the availability of flexible batteries, it is possible that Samsung and other large companies and major memory vendors to engage and invest in this new technology.

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