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A new leak suggests that the my 5s will have 5 display, 5″


3 days ago we had some good news concerning Xiaomi my Note 2, other phones that will imminently and many users are waiting after that great and first my Note. A Xiaomi following locked in that quest to be able to extend her arms further than China. Although to tell the truth, from Amazon any user can access the purchase of one of their magnificent terminals.

Xiaomi Mi 5 we had to own Hugo Barra by presenting it in the 2016 MWC held in Barcelona earlier this year. The month last even had the opportunity of know that Xiaomi would be working in a successor for the my 5 to that is you has called as my 5s. At that time, it was said that new phone would have the same size on the screen. Now is when have with other news that belies that information.

According to this new filtering, the my 5s is characterized by having a higher screen with 5.5 inch. By what we headed to another type of high-end to Xiaomi for those users who want a little more space on your screen to enjoy the multimedia contents that usually play from these devices called as phablets.

Other specifications that reveal filtration, and which are in line with the report of last month, include a screen Full HD resolution, Snapdrgon 820 6 GB of RAM chip and fingerprint sensor, this last a longer basic component in any phones that are released lately.

He my 5s also count with a feature called as Force Touch, that allows to the device distinguish between a pulse intense or a light. We will see when you want to launch this new device and if you will arrive at the same time as the new Xiaomi Mi Note 2.

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