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A non-modular LG G6 will be cheaper its manufacturing


LG is an most beloved manufacturers by the Android community and that in recent years has left us with a sour taste for not knowing how to continue this trend with the LG G2. A phone that was chosen by the same community as the best smartphone of the year and that brought us to the best that he could design the Korean company.

LG G5 we know that occurred with the modular aspect and LG G6, finally, we can almost say that Korean brand prescindir√° of it. While the year last the division mobile of LG is them has seen and desired, an analyst from KB Securities cries out that the investors should of take a second look to LG since the cost of manufacturing of the LG G6 will be a 20% lower that the LG of the year last.

The fact is that throwing away so fast the modular aspect is rather counterproductive, but a non-modular G6 LG could be crucial for a triumphal return of LG. To the be more cheap the can produce it, LG may be capable of reduce the cost of the phone and make it more attractive or get greater benefit by each an of the units that band.

If to this you combine with that the LG G6 will come a month before to the market that its greater competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S8, it division mobile of LG could have an opportunity to have a quarter or two with good income from of this ship logo.

LG has everything to be able to launch an excellent terminal. In the review of the LG G5 that I made last year, I said that it was a shame that the battery life was committed to the be using a mobile phone that has a large photograph. Of the screen already know how is them brings, so with a bit of love and desire to from the manufacturer can have one of the best terminals of the year. It is in your hands.

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