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A picture of the BlackBerry Neon is filtered before its imminent release

BlackBerry Neon

BlackBerry has been proposed to succeed in Android and though they leave saying already a few months ago that will not leave aside its own OS for mobile devices, the truth is that they have found a niche of users who want their smartphones. Those millions of Americans that were passed to the BlackBerry with those physical keyboards, there are many who yearn for that capacity, so the Canadian company will play their cards to gain a foothold in the difficult market of smartphones.

We are going to see more phones of this company and one that is about to arrive is the BlackBerry Neon. Is of this same of which have an image that we put before what will be the second phone Android of BlackBerry. Well of course it isn’t a BlackBerry to use and seems more like an Android phone from any other company which manufactured smartphones, but is the first idea of BlackBerry for a smartphone that will not have a physical keyboard.

A BlackBerry Neon that seems devised for the range half and that of your price will depend on of that have great success, although also will have with users faithful to the brand that will have the best excuse possible for acquire it.

We also know your specifications and are not too bad. BlackBerry Neon has 617 and 3 GB of RAM with a 5.2-inch 1080 p, Qualcomm Snapdragon chip. In storage remains somewhat low for what is supposed to be a mid-range with 16 GB of internal memory. For the part of the camera is directed with an of 13 MP in the rear and 8 MP in the front. We finished components with a battery of mAh 2.610 with fast charging Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0.

He is expected next month to be in the market and its price varies $ 350.

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