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A picture of the Sony Xperia X (2017) is filtered

Xperia X

Makes days spent by our pages an image that left understand that the manufacturer Nippon is going to pass to the trend of them “without bezels” for thus follow to them my MIX, next Galaxy S8 in any Variant and others more. What happens is that that image was a bit fuzzy and wouldn’t record that this was so.

By what now we pass to another image, Although this time of the Sony Xperia X of 2017 that is has filtered in the day of today. A picture that cries out to be one of press and shows what will be the front of the black of this Japanese manufacturer smartphone version.

The image is presents with an angle a little difficult by what is makes more difficult understand how will be the terminal. Is the model in black and by what you can understand, not has just bezels to it my MIX. Another thing that is not clear is the position of the sensors.

There is a text to the right which makes evidence of what will be the new Xperia X and a hashtag that is somewhat diffuse, although with a bit of vista and the help of magnifying glass, one can understand that it says #TheGreatest, or what is “the best” in Spanish.

We do not have evidence whether this filtered image is legal or all a fake, so we remain cautious and left it on the drawer of the rumors and possible pictures of a new terminal. What we can deduce two news related to the new Xperia, is that the “without bevels” will be one of the predominant notes when it is presented the Xperia X over the coming months. A 2017 to be characterized by changes in the design of many terminals.

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