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According to the WSJ, the investigation by the explosions of the Note 7 are delaying the development of the Galaxy S8


The prestigious newspaper Wall Street Journal yesterday published a report indicating that Samsung could have made a big mistake when making the withdrawal of the initial 2.5 million Samsung Galaxy Note 7 of the market due to explosions produced by some of its terminals.

According to them, there was no complete evidence that batteries produced by Samsung SDI division were the guilty parties that the Galaxy Note 7 explotasen, as indicated in the notice of withdrawal.

The problem could not be the battery, but the design

Note 7 quemado

As it seems, Samsung executives were different models for various tests, including x-rays and saw some batteries Note 7-Galaxy protruding slightly from the housing of the terminal. Models that used batteries of ATL, manufactured in China, did not have this problem.

The problem is that el 30% of the initial Galaxy Note 7 units used batteries of ATL so that meant that there would be the problem. Big mistake since it seems that the problem does not come by the battery, as you can see in the second wave of explosions that affected replacement models.

All these new units used batteries of ATL and the problem is maintained by what was clear that not was that the problem that caused the blasts of the Galaxy Note 7. Now seems that points to a defect in the plate of the circuit or a failure of the software that controls how interacts the battery with other components. Even refers to the possibility that the battery is embedded in a too-small place.

The problem is that Samsung doesn’t want to make more mistakes and, above all, to its next flagship does not pass through a similar controversy so they are checking thoroughly the Note 7 in search of a failure and this has forced to delay two weeks the development of Galaxy S8.

Expected that the Samsung Galaxy S8 be presented within the framework of the MWC so if the biggest fair of telephony will give his kick off on Feb. 27, it is assumed that the Galaxy S8 would be presented on February 26. Although the manufacturer must put the batteries if you want to arrive on time for the MWC 2017

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