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Acer Announces Leap Ware, a new smartwatch that doubles as a bracelet of fitness

Acer Leap Ware

Acer is a typical company in the market of the wearables after having launched several Smart Watches and bracelets of fitness in the past. Now, the company announced another smartwatch that doubles as a bracelet of fitness for those who use this type of product.

The new smartwatch is called Leap Wear and was featured recently at an event held by Acer in New York, where the Taiwanese company also presented other products.

Technical features of the Acer Leap Ware

Acer Leap Ware

According to Acer, Leap Ware is equipped with a screen of 1.6 inch padded Gorilla Glass SR + against scratches, as well as a certification of resistance IPX7 if want to carry it in the rain.

In terms of hardware, the intelligent watch Leap Wear has the MediaTek MT2523 processor and the bio-sensitive chip MT5211. The amount of RAM is not yet known, but we know that the device also incorporates a LED light that can illuminate the display by pressing a single button.

Among other things, the new Acer smartwatch also has several sensors for monitoring physical activity and they can show the heart rate, the stamina, the levels of stress and fatigue and even exposure to UV rays. In addition, the autonomy of the device will be between 3 and 5 days on a single charge.

Finally, the Acer Leap Ware can be matched with a smartphone Android or iOS by applying Liquid Life of the company, which will automatically show you notifications for new messages or calls directly on the display of your watch.

All data on physical activity will be stored in the application and you can set your own targets according to what most interests you, whether you lose weight or gain weight, etc.

Price and availability of the Acer Leap Ware

Leap Ware will be released next month of July in the United States and other markets with a price of $139. Since his bands are interchangeable, buyers will have to choose between the colors Navy Blue (dark blue) and Light Brown (light brown)

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