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‘ Actions on Google’ or the option to integrate Google Assistant in apps from third and more

Actions on Google

When yesterday Google presented Pixel, one of the most striking features at the level of software is that this smartphone has integrated Google Assistant, the axis which will rotate many services, devices and apps from the Mountain View for the coming years.

To the know that Google Assistant is integrated in the phone Pixel, us was the doubt of that would happen to the others and if those manufacturers that manufacture smartphones Android would have also the option for this. Was something logical that occurred that any developer, both of applications as gadgets electronic, can integrate that support virtual that will mark the next was according to Google.

‘ Actions on Google’ will be available from the month of December for developers and is a set of tools for connecting applications and devices with the wizard. It allows to develop instructions so that they can be used from Google Assistant. In this way these devices for home automation can be connected so as from Google Assistant can be activated easily.

Google Assistant

Developers can create two types of actions: direct and conversational. The direct can be activated by the actions of voice that we usually use at Google Now, while the actions of conversation are used for a natural conversation between the wizard and the user. This entails that the Assistant can perform different questions to go by filling the request of the user. This can already check it when we create a reminder from “OK Google” and as the Assistant you are asking the body of the message and others.

Open for all platform and will be available for the month of December, but they have not given details about it. An interesting initiative that will add more capacity to all those products that were presented as it is Google Home, so apps, like Todoist, to be directed by voice or virtual assistance.

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