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Actual pictures of Meizu M3 Max, the smartphone that will compete against the Max my Xiaomi

Meizu M3 Max

Xiaomi my Max is the phablet of the Chinese manufacturer which serves perfectly to play all kinds of multimedia content without losing one iota of quality. This type of screens and devices increasingly have more followers and this is same to that increasingly we see more manufacturers making its own bid to compete against those who are are carried almost everything in the phablets market.

If Xiaomi recently launched the my Max, a 6.4-inch device on the screen, Meizu is ready to put him well difficult things to Xiaomi with your M3 Max. A device that possibly we see at the IFA fair in Berlin, mismamente on September 5, and that will take us to another phablet to take into account if our is the multimedia contents that we reproduce daily from our terminal.

So curious of this phablet is that brings some reminiscence to what was the ancestral Nokia E71, although here we forget of what is the keyboard QWERTY. These images real that have between hands prove perfectly that will continue to others devices as the mentioned my Max, although not leave of side that touch so special to the Nokia said.

The image can be seen the single lens on the back with the flash located just below and a few well fine front bezels; something fairly typical in these phones that arrive from China. Noteworthy are the two bands, one on top and one at the bottom, getting that it is distinguished, at least a little, this phone from others.

Specifications, we are left with that metal finish, the sensor’s fingerprints on the front, their 4 GB of RAM, its 32 GB of internal storage memory and a processor P10 Helio go to 270 dollars cost approximately.

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