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Adobe launches Photoshop Sketch and Comp CC on Android

Adobe Sketch

Someday we can have in our hand across an Adobe Photoshop to replicate the best features that we have today. Although for this still will be a little, since is will need smartphones and tablets Android more potent of which have now. Currently we can not have complaints, because if we compare the capabilities we have for editing photographs from what it was three years ago, the thing has changed a lot.

Adobe just released Photoshop Sketch and Comp CC in Android, which brings with it two apps for graphic design and creation, apart from updating Illustrator Draw with new features. Comp CC is a tool of design both for screens as for print, while Photoshop Sketch is directed more to the drawing and sketches such as indicates its own name. So that we will know the details of each one and like Adobe wants you transform into a creative.

Comp CC

An app that will allow you to draw gestures on the screen, such as a circle (though it is badly drawn), in order to create a precise shape that you can resize as you please, change its hue or opacity among other features. Of this form, with a bit of expertise and talent, you can create designs well special and of great quality if you tomas the enough time for this.


Initially you will have before you the different templates, such as that for Android (1080 x 1920), to get you started to show all your artistic vein. Embedded forms, text and images from your same phone, and with the help of various tools will be able to do the process of creating a logo or a good striking text.

You can access guides and grid to align and work with the various controls of spacing, as well as access to professional sources powered by Typekit. Finally, when you have the design finished, you can send it of form automatic to InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop. And it is that to be able to access all this experience in designing you must do so through your account Creative Cloud. That Yes, the have of form free, so don’t you worry because not is of payment.

Download: Adobe Comp CC (Free, Google Play) →

Photoshop Sketch

This app is pretty similar, but focuses on more free drawing and to create those sketches that can be the basis for all kinds of illustrations and creative works. For those who are accustomed to other drawing apps, as it can be the same Photoshop version of desktop or mobile, find differences are minimal.


The app is in charge of providing you of a series of brushes and pencils, from what can be watercolors to acrylic, cakes to ink, markers to sponges. Here are also present like Comp CC forms, so you can play something more creative and a more defined shape with its corners and more specific angles.

They could not miss the layers that can be added to make a sketch on the photograph of a person and thus attempt to prove our ability when it comes to portraits. In total you will have 11 tools so you can make all kinds of creative work, create an infinite variety of brushes by Capture CC, flexibility to organize the tool and color Favorites in their windows and, finally, the ability to send those sketches to Photoshop or Illustrator with layers preserved.

Finally, we have Adobe Illustrator Draw has been updated with brushes settings, allowing you to control the pressure and speed of the brushwork and shape or tip rotation. It also has a good variety of bug fixes and performance enhancements so that your finger furrow the pixels of the screen and you can draw as if you were the real Leonardo da Vinci.

Download: Adobe Photoshop Sketch (Free, Google Play) →

Download: Adobe Illustrator Draw (Free, Google Play) →

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