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Again the magic of Square Enix with Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

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It often enough rage those releases that reach certain regions while a large majority of countries have to wait for the game to be launched globally. It have suffered in his time with Clash Royale when was during some weeks available in several regions while them others us ate the nail so outside released. You always have the option of the APK, but not everyone is willing to install them for access to a game that can be available without major problems from the Google Store Play in days or weeks. There are many games that are released in this way, mostly to prove that everything goes well and can finally be launched globally and the launch will be perfect.

One of those who has gone through a “soft launch” is Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, the new Square Enix and that is one big bet for the role more in the style of this great franchise that has offered fun in spades for decades. So after being in several regions, as it has been in Japan, it is now available for all to be launched globally. You meterás you fully in an exciting story that you will keep two gentlemen of the Kingdom of Grandshelt when a young girl suddenly appears before them. The appearance of this girl will change as players go exploring their way through different types of dungeons.

The same essence continues

Square Enix knows that he has a winning horse with that RPG format in which combat is characterized by shifts, something to which we have become accustomed in all Final Fantasy that has been released over the years since it encandilara to millions of players around the world. In Final Fantasy Brave Exvius are the same gameplay and for those who are accustomed to these games quickly you will feel at home.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

As interesting detail, the legendary characters of the franchise will have its stellar moment such as Cecil, Vivi and Terra, so fans of the series will have the possibility to remember special past stories, which converge from the moment is throwing the game, since the soundtrack you get full throughout the adventure that awaits you from what is a videjuego with the freemium model.

In combat we could almost say that its central axis, is and apart from what are shifts, facility which means touch screen saves time to go choosing to each Member of the Group and go launching different attacks. As in other Final Fantasy, the loot is also important, apart from go exploring the varied dungeons that will give access to more content.

The legendary heroes are waiting for you

To be able to count with Cecil, Vivi and Terra among many others is a great incentive that adds quality in this new Final Fantasy. Also prepares us for new titles, as it launched 5 months ago, that they will be coming for the mobile, so fans of the great RPG franchise can go away preparing for the next few years, since we will have the new role for a long time.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Another of its great virtues are them places and environments by which exploraréis and you will find all type of loot, chests and enemies to everywhere. The essence of Final Fantasy is very well portrayed in this new title that got it for free from the Google Store Play with obvious micropayments that can not miss on this title from Square Enix. If are looking for a great game for this summer, it just of find with Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Technical quality

Final Fantaxy Brave Exvius

A video game that mixes a wide range of features that identify it as a great title. A great soundtrack, very well designed characters, environments at the same time and a great variety of all kinds of effects for what are magical attacks, one of the virtues of this franchise. Magnificent as it could be.

Opinion of the editor


  • Have to characters legendary
  • Its technical quality
  • Be free


  • Its regional launch

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