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Air Attack 2 puts you in a retro shoot-em-up with fantastic 3D graphics

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Good times those in which we had the opportunity to follow games of those who spend coins of five hard one behind others to play video games mythical as 1941. And many others were more in which explosions, waves of enemies, and funds getting a great quality depth effect, that we left well glued eyes full of pixels on-screen. Capcom and other brands were the guilty of initiating the great way in which we find ourselves today, when we can replicate that essence in a smartphone or Android tablet.

Is where comes to play in direct Air Attack 2, the new title of this small franchise that we offered explosions, shooting, and all kinds of aircraft enemies in the first Air Attack in 2011. For those years in which Android gave its first steps, Air Attack was an outstanding game for which we were tinkering with that operating system a little archaic in comparison to which is today with this Android N. Air Attack 2 brings you the essence of beat ’em up with the sum which mean that it is through 3D graphics with which you will many times almost screaming from the Epic of their games.

Annihilate the enemy from the air

As a good shoot ’em up, Air Attack 2 has all of the original and that a unique finger control that allows you to move your plane through the entire screen very quickly. Noteworthy is that the speed of all the enemies seek to imitate the real and does not seem that we are more to extraterrestrial saucers moving at a blistering pace.

Air Attack 2

Firing is automatic and we will have in our favour the use of certain large-caliber weapons, such as those bombs, which release the enemy ashore with a simple click, or those attacks of missiles that we will be able to activate periodically. It is in these special attacks showing Air Attack 2 in all its essence with the environment that is destroyed by our bombs falling or that row of tanks as it fades as we are destroying them from the air.

It improves your aircraft to make it awesome

How good shoot ’em up that price, the updates of your aircraft are vital to bring us more power in attack. All kinds of armament can fit you to your plane fuselage such as flamethrowers, missile and even some varied gadgets to get more juice to those items.

Air Attack 2

You will have to secure the objective both in aircraft enemies coming from the air as those who are on earth moving. It is another of the important details of this game in which, to the minute of playing, you can take on large aircraft carried out massive attacks or those tanks will be taking positions in variety.

Detail is that, at certain times in the game, you can attack from the perspective that the first person to hop on the turret of your plane and destroy the fuselage of the enemy.

Air Attack 2 is a video game that has been enough love and where we can enjoy before the wave of enemies and huge explosions that will fill the screen on your mobile for all kinds of graphic effects. You have it free from the Play Store with obvious micropayments.

Technical quality

Air Attack 2

Very pleasantly surprise graphic level, especially those in 3D environments filled with lighting, shadows and they are entirely destructible with your bombs. A game that can boast being done very well technically, but that suffers from a lack of performance minima at certain times. I’ve been playing him with a S7 Galaxy and even lageaba in a few seconds. We hope to update it to improve it in this sense, visually it is a really amazing videogame, and more from a screen like this Samsung phone.

A great game that will be the best score when updated and we will play that much in a genre in which I’d like to see more titles like this one, or this one.

Opinion of the editor


  • Great quality 3D graphics
  • The variety of enemies


  • Performance is missing

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