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AirDroid, the perfect marriage between smartphone and pc


Today we are going to talk about an application that will make your smartphone and your computer to become an inseparable couple. With AirDroid we can handle our smartphone Android from the computer, c0n support for Windows and Mac. We can share and transfer files at the moment without the need for wired connection.

A solution to problems of USB connection.

Occurs on many occasions, suddenly our computer does not recognize USB via our smartphone. By having updated our version of Android, or the software of the phone, or by reasons that at times unknown. Incompatibility of operating systems or not, it is necessary to understand pc and smartphone. If not, transfer files to the computer becomes a problem. More even if the memory of your phone is the limit.

AirDroid can help us in a very simple way to solve these “problems”. Installing the App for free in our smartphone through Google Store Play. And for greater fluidity and safety, we also install the program on your computer. This can make it from the page of the application within Play Store.

Once made the facilities we should only link both devices, and it is already. If both are connected to the same signal wifi is very simple. We identify our smartphone from your PC and vice versa. In this way we have connected both devices to power inter – Act on both. Save your photos on your computer to free up memory on your smartphone. Or the musical hits of the moment happens to your smartphone.

In the latest AirDroid becomes more powerful. The new options offered make this compulsory installation in our Smartphone App. Using our smartphone without touching it is already possible. We will be able to use even the applications that you have downloaded to your mobile on the desktop of your computer. Use WhatsApp with the computer keyboard is quite an experience. And all this without having to “root”.

AirDroid does not require root, and its use is very easy.

It is very easy to use AirDroid. You don’t need computer skills to take full advantage. Its menu is intuitive and is very easy to make use of all your options. Without having to “touch” the software of the device there are few applications that offer both. Just by linking your computer and your smartphone app both means of wonder.

Can make your smartphone alerts look on the computer screen. In this way you will see at the time calls, messages and notifications from applications. So when you are with the computer can leave “parked” your smartphone but without losing you any type of notification.

AirDroid also be converts in an allied to make copies of security. If you have in your device files of importance, or photos with great value sentimental a copy of safety can save you. Only have to select the option of copy of security and ready. While the two devices connected to the wifi of house your smartphone will save your data on your computer. And using the option of synchronization even can share the Portal roles of both devices.

Really this application are many applications at a. With the option of cleaning of the memory cache of the browser we can return to our phone a point of speed. And delete all the files temporary that only serve to slow down the development of the phone. If the operating system of your smartphone does not delete these temporary files AirDroid you help once again.

And last but not least AirDroid surprises us with the choice of location of the device. Are you one who usually lose your phone?. With this application you will know at all times where your smartphone. Will you be at the office? Will it be in my mother’s House?. Do not suffer, access your AirDroid account on a computer and see where our dear smarthpone. Also you can you have access to the back and front of the phone, camera and use them to record remotely. AirDroid is for many things 100% recommended.

Download: AirDroid: (+Free, Google Play) remote access →

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