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Alphabet Announces earnings of $ 21,500 million in Q2 2016


These days are finding different figures that publishing the most important brands of phone manufacturers and that they show us the progress made with the smartphones and tablets that launched and which usually arrive to our hands. They also give us clues as to whether these new developments, such as dual cameras, modular phone or screens edge, have been able to fit into the market and consumers have endorsed them with their purchases.

Yesterday we had the big news from Samsung with this considerable increase to make now Alphabet which has published its financial results for the second quarter of 2016. The company is reporting income of $ 21,500 million, which exceeds the figure obtained last year in the same period with 17,700 million dollars. These numbers have been able to exceed the expectations of analysts, so Google Alphabet can be well happy.

Other figures shared by the company lead to benefits of 5,900 million dollars for that time of the year 2016 Strip and based on those results, Alphabet shares have grown to 27 percent when these data were released.

In Q1 2016, Alphabet reported minor 20,300 million and 3,600 million profitincome. The figures, he stressed that incomes have improved in its non-ads division, which includes the Play Store or sale of hardware. Here we can find those 30 sold Chromecasts million.

So this parapet which meant Alphabet in a chameleonic Google transformation, continues positive figures for this company that its limit is not well known. I wouldn’t know what would happen if it were able to launch its own smartphone that would be a success in sales. We now expect a bit more for your Google Home and see that it is able to do with the virtual assistance.

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