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Alphabet exceeds expectations with revenues of $ 22,400 million

Alphabet supera las expectativas con unos ingresos de 22.400 millones de dólares

A few days after Apple communicate its financial results, the giant Alphabet, array of Google since the last restructuring, made the same last night by communicating economic and financial results for the third quarter of 2016 through the usual conference phone.

Alphabet has exceeded all expectations by reporting revenues during the third quarter of 2016 of 22,400 million dollars compared to 18,600 billion dollars entered during the same period of the previous year. Thus, the company has obtained a net profit of 5,700 billion dollars for the quarter between the months of June to September 2016. In spite of these results that have exceeded the expectations of analysts, the company’s shares suffered a drop.

Alphabet get more income, but reduces your net profit

Compared with the second quarter of 2016, in which Alphabet also had large income of 21,500 million dollars with a net profit of $ 5,900 billion, most analysts believe that the company is still losing money despite having slightly increased revenues since the net profit was slightly lower.

During the Conference’s results, CEO Craig Barratt also announced that Google Fiber will make a pause in their plans of expansionn in order to refine their plans for the future.

Aside from the revenue from advertising, Alphabet revenues have increased by 39% over the past year, including those from the Play Store, their actions within the business framework and the hardware. Obviously, sales of new smartphones Google Pixel not be reflected fourth quarter of 2016 which we already have.

Despite the attitude of the analysts and of them investors, always conservative and suspicious, seems that Alphabet enjoys of good health although still is by see how will work them sales of them Pixel.

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