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Already the comments can be moderate in real-time at Periscope

Periscope moderación chat

Let hundreds of users are launched to your streaming in real time through chat, means that it gives them the opportunity to a few, so use those messages to launch spam or typical abuses we know all. Was a matter of time that Periscope would include a feature launched in your app.

Twitter has introduced a new tool for Periscope that arrives to fight spam and inappropriate behavior of users using this application for the broadcast in real time. The tool for the moderation of comments will allow users to be able to report and vote on messages considered spam or abuse of the rules.

Users can access ltool by clicking on a comment in a live broadcast. As in other apps, you can report a comment as spam, abuse or other reasons such as the comment in another language. The spectator who reported the comment will not see more posts by that user for the remainder of the streaming in real time.

When a comment is reported, a few users will be selected randomly to vote that they think if the comment is spam, abuse or other options. The result give her vote will be shown to the voters. If the majority votes that the comment is spam or abuse, the user will be notified that their ability to be able to chat in the retransmission has been disabled temporarily.

Constant offenses will result in the chat being disabled for the user. This new option for the moderation of comments is optional and users may not wish to participate; that relay streaming can choose if they can be the moderate comments, while viewers can disable the voting system from settings.

A capacity required for a service that looks tarnished the experience for users who launch spam or abuse of any kind. Periscope appears also that has been batteries, after receiving six days ago the option for automatic saving of retransmissions.

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