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Already the ZenUI Asus launcher can be installed on any device Android 4.3 or higher


Two weeks ago we had the addition of a large launcher version 2.0, ADW Launcher. After five years the developer finally brought this definitive version that puts us at a huge quality apps Launcher as you may have seen some. In a matter of launchers, little complaint can have, since we have a few who do a great job, feeling that seek something more may be us only.

Now is when Asus has arranged your Launcher by defect in its own layer ZenUI available for all devices Android 4.3 or higher. So we could almost say that virtually the majority of users will have access to the virtues and benefits of this launcher that is characterized by two separate layouts. A launcher to try and different from others.

ZenUI is characterized by two well separated parts. Some drink of inspiration which means iOS, which means that you you don’t have a drawer of applications to use, such as it is the case with the G5 that LG also lacks, although we always have the option to access the standard version with this. This special version, you’ll have all the apps and shortcuts arranged along all the screens that you have activated.

The other option is typical with the active screens and drawer of applications, such as is the case with the vast majority of launchers available in the Google Play Store. Anyway, the option without drawer of applications makes it almost unique at the moment apps Launcher.

Another detail is the variety of subjects that emphasizes what the icons and the wallpaper of the device. You can also count on the swipes for fast action and what is the option to block apps that allows you to hide which want to be so safe from peeping toms. The launcher is available from the Play Store.

Download: ZenUI-Rap.e initiator intelig. (Free, Google Play) →

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