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Already works in the beta of WhatsApp direct links to invite to a group


In a Telegram, we have the ability to invite any user to a group through a direct link which you can share with anyone. This way anyone can login directly from the link without having to do anything or waste time as you can be with WhatsApp when we create a group and we have to find all the contacts that we want to form it through our huge agenda.

This option for WhatsApp became known last month when from the own APK appeared a few lines of code in which this option is raised. Now is when she discovered that the invitation to a group links operate partially in the beta version 2.16.101. So if you have an invitation link you can participate in a group, what invitations at the moment cannot be created.

These are small details that Telegram has become the app that is preferred by many users, although not as widespread as WhatsApp. The ability to invite a user to a group in a manner directly simply is a way that users come to a group without knowing their phone numbers. This allows a person to create a link to participate in a group and then share it across other different apps, so in the event that someone use it to participate in this group of fast and direct way.


Even is the option to generate a QR code or embed it in a NFC tag, and so share it with anyone or put it on a website so that who wants to can participate. Anyway, we do not believe that this feature will take much to be available to everyone with a new update that could arrive from the server-side.

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