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Already you can download in your Android 32 wallpapers of MIUI 8

Ya puedes descargar en tu Android 32 wallpapers de MIUI 8

Xiaomi is one of the signatures of Chinese smart phones that we most like (personally, which most). On an aesthetic level especially noted for the great finish applied to its terminals, but also not have been limited to implement the Android operating system no more.

From Xiaomi wanted to give personality to their terminals also by inside, and by this created MIUI, a layer of customization of great beauty that has gone evolving practically to the same pace that it has made Android. MIUI 8 arrived to give that touch Android 6.0 Marshmallow and included a few spectacular wallpapers that you can now download on your smartphone.

32 funds of screen that will renew the look of your smartphone

MIUI has shared her official blog a fantastic collection of wallpapers that integrate this eighth MIUI version so you can download them to your device. In total, it is of 29 wallpapers of screen of lock and others three funds of screen of desktopor.

All they are are tablets in a file ZIP as have been shared in its maximum resolution, 2880 by 2560 megapixels.

If are tired of them funds of screen usual and you want change, or if you love the aesthetic of MIUI but not accounts with a smartphone of the signature Xiaomi, now can take advantage of and make you a this super collection in which will find wallpapers of two types. On the one hand, the abstract, with gradients of spot colors and minimalist style, and on the other hand, landscapewallpapers, really spectacular.

By the way, If your terminal is not Android, you can also download and install these wallpapers. And on the download page, in addition, you’ll find the wallpaperss of MIUI backward. Come on, you have funds a lot.

You can download the MIUI 8 completely free wallpapers here.

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