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Already you can reassign the Bixby of the Galaxy S8 button to Google Assistant

Bixby para Samsung

One of the great innovations including the South Korean company Samsung in its new flagships, the S8 Galaxy and Galaxy S8 + exclusive Wizard Bixby, a novelty that was, however, he did not like many users who would have preferred, at least, also having Google Assistant in the new smartphone. In addition, and through an update, Samsung removed the ability to remap the Bixby in the Galaxy S8 button.

Fortunately, just a few days after this step, it seems that the possibility of using the button Bixby to launch Google Assistant again to become a reality, as it has learned through Dave Bennett, a “Redditor”.

As we said, after the Samsung update to prevent the re-Symphony of the Bixby button (something which, by the way, seems to have caused problems to some of the brand new users), there is a rudimentary form of launch the Google Wizard when this button is pressed.

Dave Bennett decided to create a basic application to prevent blocking of Samsung, thanks to which, each time that you press this button in the S8 Galaxy, Google Assistant is launched. The solution is so elementary that in fact Bixby appears to flash mode before it completely disappears.

As we said, it is not better or more elegant solution, as it means that the user will have to Google Assistant working above Bixby. However, it is a first step towards one future version worked, perhaps, Google Assistant can be configured as the primary virtual assistant in new handsets from Samsung, but Bixby is not removed from the system.

In fact, it seems that some developers are already working on this improvement at these times, so the solution could sooner rather than later.

BixRemap (Free, Google Play) →

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