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Amazon Echo already uses the context in the questions to the Google Home

Amazon Echo

One of the great virtues of Google Home is the power of Google Assistant to be able to answer questions using the context. This what means is that is can perform talks a little natural without having that be repeating all the time it same, since Assistant means that you mean to the subject of the first question given.

It is this one of the most striking qualities of Google Home and why it has differentiated Amazon echo. But from the day, Amazon Echo can respond, at least in a limited way, to a series of contextual questions based on the same subject. This will allow is that we don’t have to be always talking about the same subject and they may have a more natural conversation.

For example, if we ask “what is the capital of Spain?, Amazon Echo reply is Madrid.” If we then ask “what is population?, Amazon Echo means that we refer to Spain, so it will reply with the population.”

Is as well as works now Amazon Echo, although only for a type given of questions, by what not works so well as Yes it makes Google Home, that has a repertoire almost unlimited due to the ability of Google Assistant. Is this same what is one of them points more attractive of the device to the home of Google and that can mean a big difference against them various competitors that you go leaving.

Goole has a great asset in his favor, and is, thanks to its search engine, you have been storing hundreds of billions of searches for already many years, so its ability to understand that that question something will be much greater than its direct competitors. It will be a matter of time that we realize has great difference between Google Home and Amazon Echo, but view it is right now with this update to Alexa.

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