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Amazon is working on a new Echo with screen of 7 inch


Virtual Assistants are other products that several companies are hoping to get into the home to millions of users. With this type of product basic tasks may be to send emails, know the status of the traffic or schedule a series of songs will be played in the same speaker of the hub. We have two players that compete in the same scene for the same role, Amazon, and Google.

It is the first which is working on a premium type speaker Echo has the Assistant voice Alexa as the central axis of the same. The big difference of Echo in this new product from Amazon is their 7 inch touch screen, so that it would result in a well peculiar device to integrate it into the living room of our House.

According to sources familiar to the matter, the report maintains that the premium variant of Echo will be a different from the existing renewal design rather cylindrical. Touch screen mainly will get that it is easier for the user to access content such as weather forecasts, news and calendar notes.

The new Echo will be of a greater size, which will allow that the user, even being of foot, can access to the screen. Apart from what is the touch screen, the new Echo improved speakers and will a modified version of Fire OS for the occasion.

This report is on par of it happened in mayo when is learned that Amazon was working in a device type tablet. So he gets everything quite interesting with another addition more to what is Google Home, presented at beginning of last month and the Apple product that would be based on Siri, and which we still know when will be released.

This new Echo premium could be announced in the first quarter of 2017.

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