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Android 7.1.1 will arrive to the Nexus with the patch of safety of the 5 of December

Android 7.1.1 llegará a los Nexus con el parche de seguridad del 5 de diciembre

According to Vodafone Australia, the launch of Android 7.1.1 for Nexus devices will coincide with the launch of the security fix scheduled for December 5. Well, the update via OTA will come two weeks after the second beta for developers of Android 7.1 and equal level of linkages with the Pixel and Pixel XL software.

Available first to those new devices Pixel, Android 7.1 came to the Nexus 5 X and 6 p and to Pixel C through a version preliminary for developers. And although it was expected that second version will add support for other devices and Android One, only Nexus 9 manufactured by HTC was incorporated.

7.1.1 version allows developers to add shortcuts of applications, while the keyboard support introduces some functionality of the Gboard to Android with input for GIFs, and rich content. However, to difference of the application for iOS, requires that the developers added specifically support to their applications. Android 7.1 also introduces new emojis that offer a range more wide of professions for women and men.

According to the notes of Vodafone, Google will begin to deploy the update to them 17:00 AEST the 6 of December of 2016 however, the update of security is dated for the 5 of December, coinciding with the pattern usual of Google of make them releases in Monday.

With the version 7.1.1 being more than a patch of safety, the OTA is a little more large, environment to 650 MB for the Nexus 6 p. Vodafone provided all the details accurate of the this update in your web Australian.

Together with other Nexus devices, is also scheduled to the Pixel and the Pixel XL receive Android 7.1.1. Besides them typical corrections of errors for several minor problems detected, the update of them Pixel goes to add the functions of press two times to check the phone and lift for check the phone.

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