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Android 7.1 keyboard hides a tool to search for GIFs

Android 7.1

There are no surprises in regards to Android 7.1 and the update that is now available as a previous developer, until it is published in the month of December. The curious thing about the case is that right in that month when supposed that versions 7.0 of several manufacturers, will come so we continue with the delay between Google and the rest.

Now is has discovered that in the keyboard by default of Android 7.1 is is a tool for the search of GIFs as has Telegram or Facebook Messenger. A detail that reveals the interest for this type of content and how are increasingly more users who share GIFs to express emotions or spend a good time with their friends or contacts.

What happens is that in the keypad of Android 7.1 is located this feature a little hidden. For to remove it to the light there is that press the icon of emoticons on the keyboard of Google. Menu emojis that arises, there is a button GIFs in the same line. Click on it and you will be able to find a selection of GIFs that can be searched. The most striking is a button for those who most tend to use, so we don’t have to be looking for it all the time.

It only that this feature only works in the keyboard of Google in Android 7.1, so, if have a Nexus 5 X, 6 p and Pixel with the version for developers, you can try it from your own device. Which have the luck of having any of them two variants of the Pixel, it have by default.

Another one of those details that are added to Google apps and are available no more than Android 7.1 version. The rest of mortals with other phones to wait.

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