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ANDROID alert!, your Android data may be at risk when we are charging the battery!

¡¡ALERTA!!, los datos de tu Android podrían estar en peligro cuando estamos cargando la batería

Recent research published by Kaspersky Labs security company, warns us that your Android data may be at risk when we are charging the battery from the terminal via a personal computer USB connection.

The study of Kaspersky is so emphatic that ensures that data such as the model and the identity of our Android device, as well as data relevant to the installed firmware, version of Android or even the file system used in the system would be data that any Android attacker could access easily unless you take a few safety precautions then I had to explain in this post.


Kaspersky Security experts and analysts have done a study in which after analyze a lot of mobile devices with Android operating system and even operating system Apple’s iOS, these connected to personal computers with MAC or Windows operating system, ensure that these mobile devices to connect to these computers via the USB connection even to a single charge of the terminal they proceed to constantly sending data as sensitive as the model and brand of the device, the identity of the device in question, data about the installed firmware and the version of Android, data on our exact location or even data on the file system used in the aforementioned mobile operating system.

Some data that experts could be used for unauthorized switching to your Android device to install applications without our consent and take to infest our Android or iOS with any type of malware, Trojans and ramsonware.

Then we give some simple tips to try to prevent this from happening with the data your terminal Android or iOS to try to avoid that they are in danger when we are making the battery via the USB connection of our personal computers, whether these laptops or desktops.

Tips to try your Android data are at risk when we are charging the battery

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How well says the great Spanish hacker Chema Alonso, there is no secure mobile device at all if a hacker or expert wants to access private data storing these by much effort that we put you or follow some basic safety tips, the only thing that we will be able to get is to put it a little more difficult, but eventually if they want and put effort , they will get access to the private data of our terminal Android or iOS if or if.

The first advice that I think give, a Council of pure logic, is try not to charge the batteries of our smartphones or tablets through the computers USB port, and if we are not obliged to do so, first of all is to try to only do so from computers that consider insurance and trust. Even so, we must also follow certain rules or precautions of safety as those that then pass to detail:

  1. Use a secure system of protection against the unauthorized access to your terminal Android or iOS. If we have a terminal with fingerprint reader enable access through fingerprint reader security or if not enable access to our Android password safe can be alphanumeric and include uppercase and lowercase letters. It is also very important not to unlock the terminal during battery charging.
  2. In the case of Android Disable Smart Lock secure connection when we are connected to a Wifi network or default location.
  3. From your Android device settings, settings corresponding to the USB connection, check that is the only personal computer connection can be used for charging the same. Logically, if you have to perform a file transfer we can disable this option for that moment in particular.
  4. You have disabled the option in settings of Android security option that allows us to install applications from unknown sources, only enable it for the moment in which we need to install an application in apk format to disable it completely.
  5. Disable the debug USB of our Android.

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