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Android N will not offer the multi-window mode by default in the Nexus

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Is has been talking long and hard about the possibility of the free mode to the desktop in Android N. At least exists as a possibility if diving by the code, which has led to the idea that possibly were the option in order to use this mode on a larger screen dimensions to imitate so what can be done in a desktop computer, or at least what we see in Remix OS. A Remix OS we’ve seen recently about how many new devices.

While we wait to hear soon the final name of Android N, are increasingly more features that we are going to know, since it seems that not only are they will be that they saw in the first versions of the previous developer. One of the most prominent is the multi-window mode, but to which it seems that it will take since it will not appear in the official builds coming Android n, at least in the Nexus devices.

As we have mentioned, Android N will have support for multi-window mode, but only in a limited way. This means that you can activate this option which will make apps a next to each other as in Samsung devices. This form is enabled multitasking, what happens will not officially.

Manufacturers may activate this feature on phones that they want, but Google will not do so in a way specific to none of your Nexus devices in the official versions that release of Android N. will be that any user will be able to incorporate any custom ROM, allowing the Android community to deal with it to offer this multi-window mode.

We share the video in which Google talks about the characteristics of this mode for Android N.

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