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[APK] Allo 2.0 adds direct replies, Direct Share, GIFs support keyboard and more


Allo is watching them to find those contacts with whom the user can chat. The most important of the launch of this app was that he carried with him to Google Assistant, the central hub for the greater part of products presented by the big G on October 4, and that it will be taking greater importance as users are accessing the purchase of the Google Pixel, Home and many others.

Now has been updated to version 2.0 with the idea of being an app a bit more attractive, although it will even improve, it will cost you your time go taking increasingly more users in their midst. It will be Google Assistant which allows that in the near future, this app starts to be more used than it is now. In this first major update has been brought some good interesting features such as the GIF support in the keyboard, direct answers and much more to pass comment.

The first trio of news

In some versions of Android that allow the rapid response from the own status bar and who are already accustomed to WhatsApp or Telegram, Allo ran out of them in the released version already more than one month ago. I could only answer from the more typical form having to open the application. It is now when respond directly from notification, can be just as happens in other so many apps that have taken advantage of this advantage. In the status bar, you can see the name and image of the sender of the message.


Support for Android Wear is another small innovations that brings with it the Allo 2.0. Now may be a response with your voice or through the emojis in Android Wear. It is simply click on the notification and start talking. You can also respond with automatic responses if you want.

Allo also now provides that option we have in Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Direct Share, and which allows us to share content directly to a user on a particular app. This is that, if you share that image, rather than to the app, you can select it, but to a user or group in particular, which expedites things.

The most trivial details

Those minor details that pose a great novelty when several together, joined also are present in Allo in its version 2.0 that want to improve the overall user experience.

Allo now provides support to the shipping of GIFs through keyboards that have this possibility. This is that only those on Android 7.1 and higher (uh), they will benefit from this feature, so the rest of us (those who walk in the Marshmallow), we will have to wait a bit to make use of it. From the keypad of Android itself GIFS in a quite simple way may be sent and that works pretty well. That said, plays to wait.


The rest of details are an shortcut on the desktop to create a new conversation, also includes alerts of key incognito, a “splash” screen to which we have become accustomed in other apps such as YouTube and the official multi-window support. Finally, include a new accessibility mode that transforms the sandwiches of Allo chat in gray for a more pleasant reading.

An update that I should be playing already at the door of the Store Play Google, but, if you do not want to wait, you can pass then to download the APK. An Allo that need your time, if is that it gets, to be more used each time by more users. He’s going to be difficult, but thanks to Google Assistant and those Google products surely that go being more attractive in a point in time in the next year when we are accustomed to the Pixel, Home and more.

Download the APK from Allo 2.0

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