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[APK] Clip Layer is the new Microsoft app to copy text to the Clipboard

Clip Layer

Android has a great number of advantages before other operating systems for mobile devices, but there is a feature that we would like to be more effective. This is the ability of the Clipboard to share the copying of a simple and effective way. Certainly, sometimes works pretty well, but it is in other apps where you can only copy a large wall of text or, worse still, nothing in the end.

Therefore, Microsoft to bring a remedy to one of the points that still has to improve Android, the Clipboard. Clip Layer is the app launched by Microsoft yesterday same and that you copy all of the text you have on the screen in a very simple and effective way. Long pressing the home button, and the app will analyze the contents of the screen to make so you can copy the text from areas that are normally inaccessible to the user.

An app to replace Google Now in the long press

Perhaps the greater handicap that has this app new of Microsoft is that need configure it as the Assistant from the settings of your phone. This what it means is that long Home Press will change so that you can launch Clip Layer and get those options to copy text so striking.

Clip Layer

When you make this long press, Clip Layer is responsible for read all of the text on screen, what gets to be available to copy it. Simply searched of press on them fields that want copy, so many as want, tocas on the button of text in the corner top right to see what has selected, and then it copies to the Clipboard, send by email, it take to Wunderlist, or it share with another app that have installed in your device.

Clip Layer is an app that can remember to Universal Copy and of which we have spoken in some occasions, since is an of the best in this sense. Although it must be said that Clip Layer offers any advantage than other and works better than this mentioned.

Some details of the app

You can try it for a few minutes and you will see that copies most of the text rather than images that may appear on a website, although it can occur that ever does not work as we were willing. We are also in the first release of the application, so it is logical to have some initial bug, although this is quite rare for a Microsoft than when launching apps to Play Store, he is making in its best possible condition.

Clip Layer

You have the option to copy the text that you want from the “T” button as I mentioned earlier, if you do not want to take everyone who appears on-screen. Remember that only works with the written text, does not identify the letters of the images and you will have to configure it the first time you throw it. You only have you to go from the direct link to the adjustment of assistant to select it instead of Google Now.

Clip Layer

The major handicap of Clip Layer is that you have to undo you Google now from the home button, but always have the option to use the Google search bar for access to the same features. The only thing you have to do without the shortcut and that voice “Ok Google” which is available from the first long press command. Moreover, it is an excellent app that uses a few shortcuts to copy, share, and have a great tool available at all times.

As yet it is not available in our country through the Google Play Store, you have to download the APK to be able to install it and see if you really convincing.

Download the APK from Clip Layer version 1.0

Download: Clip Layer (Free, Google Play) →

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