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[APK] Download and install the camera of LG V10 without ROOT

[APK] Descarga e instala la cámara del nuevo LG V10 sin necesidad de ROOT

We are here again with one of those mods, ports or whatever you want to call and who like both the users of the Android operating system. And in this new post, I want to share with you the LG V10 camera for download directly in format apk for manual installation on LG devices that are rolling a version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

In principle, this apk for LG V10 camera applicationis compatible with any terminal brand LG which is a version of Android official 6.0, so we can say that it is fully compatible and functional with the LG G3, G4 LG and LG G5, although I do not rule out that it can be installed on other brands of Android terminals that are also filming a version of Android 6.0. In any case this is just a guess since I I could not test it personally in other models of Android the LG G3, LG G4 or G5 LG in which installation can certify and endorse personally that it has been a success despite the fact that it has with some other small bug. Then, by clicking on “continue reading this post” will find all the details on the implementation of the new LG V10 camera, as well as direct link to the cited apk download.

How ever, this port of the camera of the new LG V10, owe it thanks to the development forum XDA Android, so all the merits to the creators of the wire.

Requirements to take into account in order to download and install the apk for LG V10 camera

The requirements to install the application the new LG V10 camera are so simple that or so if you want to we will need to have a rooted terminal or anything like that, just to meet a series of points that then you step to enumerate:

  1. Have a terminal of the LG brand. (Possibly it can be installed in other models of Android to LG but this not have been able to certify it personally).
  2. You have a version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Download APK for LG V10 camera

To get install LG V10 in other non-terminal LG model camera, either the LG G3, LG G4 or G5 LG, just us we will have to download a file in format apk which we will install in the usual way on Android.

  • Download APK LG V10 camera by clicking here.

How to install the new LG V10 camera on your LG.


Once downloaded the APK from the LG V10 camera by clicking on the link that I have left just a little higher up, we will have to install it by clicking on own notification of download completed successfully in the own backdrop of our Android notifications, or failing that, since any file browser for Android, sailing up to download route that normally is the Download folder and click in the downloaded apk file with previously.

Logically, to install non-Market Google applications or what is the same applications in apk format, before we will have to Activate the option that allows us to install applications from unknown sources or applications of unknown sources, an option that you can find within your Android settings in the Security section.

Bugs or malfunctions of the LG V10 camera application

Unique bug or flaw that or so if you want to can be considered a malfunction of the application, we can find it in that not you will allow us to send our photos and videos to the outside of the terminal memory, just leave us to stay them on you SDcard or internal memory of the terminal. Although if you’re ROOT user this has a simple solution just by copying the corresponding APK in app system and give permissions for proper operation.

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