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[APK] Download and install Xposed Pokemon, the best way of Hunt Pokemon without exit of House, even on terminals Samsung

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Back with a new video related with Pokemon Go, and is that in this occasion les are going to teach step by step how download e install Xposed Pokemon, which is the best way of fool to it application official of Pokemon Go for power exit to hunt Pokemon without exit of House, this although tell with a terminal Android M e even although is of it brand Samsung.

How you explained to the detail in the video that have attached in the header of this post, this method for power exit to hunt Pokemon without the need of exit of House, is valid for any terminal Android 4.1 or version upper, and that how the logical, this is rooted and count with the installation of Xposed Framework. If you have a terminal rooted and still do not know very well how to install Xposed Framework, don’t worry already that with just click on “Continue reading this post”, as well as explain the simple method of installation of this sensational module Xposed, also going to allow direct links to the Cattail communities of downloading and installing Xposed Framework.

Requirements to meet to be able to download and install Xposed Pokemon


  1. Have an Android 4.1 or higher version.
  2. Have the terminal rooted.
  3. Be Xposed Framework properly installed and functional.

In the following video to show the process of installation of Xposed Framework in Android through the Recovery modified. If your terminal does not have the possibility of putting this modified Recovery, then I recommend that you seek in Google the method to do so without the need to install the aforementioned modified Recovery because it can be just as Root through the Terminal Emulator for Android application.

Click here to view the embedded video.

How to download and install Xposed Pokemon 1.6

[APK] Descargar e instalar Xposed Pokemon, la mejor manera de cazar Pokemons sin salir de casa, incluso en terminales Samsung

For download and install Xposed Pokemon in your Android so only going to have to follow these steps:

  1. Open Xposed Installer and we go to the downloads and look for the module Xposed Pokemon. If you can’t find it you can download it and format apk for a manual installation from the same URL.
  2. Click on download and install in the latest available version of the application, which today is the version 1.6.
  3. Once downloaded the module, we go to the option modules and activate it by clicking on the checkbox on the right hand side.
  4. The option Framework was back again and select the reset or soft reset option which you prefer.
  5. Xposed Pokemon app, run and we move to the geographical point that we want to explore through Pokémon Go, click on Start and already we can exit the application and run Pokemon Go.

How by art of magic will be in the location selected and can hunt Pokemons or go to the Pokeparadas nearby moving us pos the map with the Joystick integrated that us appears to mode of window floating.

Once wandered the location that we are interested to explore, so everything is back to normal and Pokemon Go to detect trouble our actual location, we will have to reopen Xposed Installer, uninhabited module Xposed Pokemon and return to the Framework option to again perform a restart of the terminal.

Please note that I personally am not an advocate of these traps and that besides removing him grace the game, also you even Nintendo has traps and you bannen permanent account. So Darling with what you do.

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