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[APK] Download Pokémon Go now and get ready to go to hunt and fight for your neighborhood

Pokemon Go

Niantic Labs and Nintendo have made us wait for theirs to be able to reach out to augmented reality that provides one of the games that most have drawn attention in recent years. You have the Pokemon hovering around the neighborhood so that with our mobile we can hunt down them is all a gaming experience that many have been waiting for since they will begin to get the first news about the beginning of the beta in some countries. We have seen some videos and pictures showing us part of the gameplay to put us well long teeth to enjoy ourselves go for a walk for those Pokémon hunting.

And finally it have here at APK mode to be launched in a regional way in many countries. Even from the Google Store Play if not available in our country, if you download the APK we provide, you can start to create your account, explore your neighborhood and hunt those Pokemon that will emerge from every corner where you go exploring with your smartphone. A game experience opens with the augmented reality of Pokémon Go that stands as one of the more eye-catching this year and, without a doubt, the best. Now already you can also find these gyms to fight for them against other players battle begins!

Niantic Labs, Nintendo and Pokémon

Niantic Labs has led us through a game that takes the essence of Ingress, his first title of augmented reality in which we put before the fight by various areas against other players, and that will be that there is a global fight to be done with calls as “Gyms” or “Gyms”. Apart from what is catch the Pokemon so have a great repertoire under our belt to increase his powers, we must find those Gyms to fight for them against other players.

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is a game of augmented reality which will be of that you leave your House to explore in your town, neighborhood or city to find Pokemon to catch them. It is here where enters one of their best game experiences, as you launch the camera to focus where the Pokemon or various which may appear at any time. With the Pokeball you will be able to hunt them to so add them to your repertoire.

In that struggle for the gyms will have to join one of the three global teams, and this will depend on that you can face one or other players. Logically according to go spreading the game more players will join him and more fun for everyone. It is important, since the struggle for those gyms will propose that a whole community of players who must search your chats and virtual spaces to form strategies can be created the same.

The first steps

When you start the application you can login with your Google account to as well expedite things. After this, you will find the welcome and the possibility of choosing the gender for your hero. You can customize your hair, eye color and color of clothing to give a slightly unique entity, although the truth there are not many options. I suppose that as they go past updates there will be more options to dress our hero.

Pokémon GO

Already created account and character, we can activate the GPS and start with the search of the Pokémon. On display are will recreate a real virtual map of your area, so you will quickly with the location to see how Pokemon appear to be hunted. When you see one, you click on the and will launch the app from camera with which you will have to focus so that it appears in the center of the screen and you can throw one of those Pokeball with a swipe.

Hunted the first Pokemon, your name which you can change as you like, type, weight, height and the amount of stellar dust and candy bulbasaur appears. You can feed him and make him evolve. Already list your first Hunt, the game you will encourage that you walk to go toward those marks in blue you’ll find near your area only now you find gyms in your area and fight for them!

Download the APK from Pokémon Go

Download: Pokemon GO (Free*, Google Play) →

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