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[APK] Google clock adds volume control and vibration, Visual changes and more

Reloj de Google

Google Watch is an interesting app to have everything you need for an alarm, timer, and stopwatch. It also offers a great visual look and is one of those apps that we can not access to many updates, so whenever arrives with some interesting feature, we will discuss it and even share the APK.

All those developments also include the reduction in weight of the APK to lose almost the mega. We also have options for the control of volume and time of vibration. Google has also set some visual tweaks to be a better application in the user experience that offers users daily.

The low weight of this application in version 4.4, funny thing is that Google is focusing on lowering the megabytes of their apps. Something very striking and that older, which are not few as we can find each time shared monthly figures for distribution of Android versions that still even Froyo is appreciated for phones.

Reloj de Google

We now have a New slider for the volume which is linked with the system for alarm volume control, so any change in Google Watch will connect with the rest of apps of alarms that you have. Another new setting in version 4.4 is the vibration when it finishes a countdown and that comes by default disabled in an application.

Other details pass through the alienation of icons to most important features located at the top of the main screen. Moreover, little more to say about a new update coming to Google Watch and which can then be downloaded from the APK shared from the web site

Download the APK of version 4.4 of Google Watch

Download: Watch (Free, Google Play) →

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