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[APK] Google Fit is updated with a review in the design, improved objectives and configurable widget

Google Fit

This summer time is the best to go out every day to run a while when you put the Sun which is the best time of the day so that the temperature does not punish us. A time of the year to get to show off our activity bracelet or if it is the case that we don’t have one, use any app to physical activity in our smartphone so so be responsible for monitoring all our steps, travels meters or consumption of calories.

One of the Google apps that have not received updates in a while is Fit, but if you take the view back in I/o 2016, has already sensed that we would soon see some interesting update to this app for monitoring of physical activity in the background. Version 1.57 Google Fit brings changes in the interface, and a series of feature that let’s review below for an application that is responsible for “studying us” when you are in the background, unlike others, it will be active as a process that will measure the daily physical activity.

The change in design

As it has done with its own logo in which the colors are more vivid, Google Fit brings this same style to have more colorful, images that take up the entire main screen and what would be the graphs and data that appear in a larger size so that we do not lose anything to take a simple look at this application.

Google Fit

With this change remain true to its principles and not lost one iota of what has been the interface of Google Fit so far. It is in the daily statistics where also sets the accent so that they now appear at the top so that at a glance we know led minutes, calories burnt, and the steps taken. We could almost say that it is a redefinition of the design language that we have gone from version 1.0 to 2.0.

The latest in features

Record of daily activities has been one of the most obvious changes so that it has now been passed to a new screen called “Timeline” which can be found on the side navigation panel. A couple of minor visual changes have also been added and it will at the same time that Visual changes to the application itself.

One of the most striking aspects of the new Google Fit has to do with the option to set objectives that until now had been limited to a few details that could be met on a daily basis. They can now be configured for different metrics in physical activities and can be completed in day, week or month. The objectives can be added from the FAB floating button located on the bottom right. All those new objectives that are added will now appear on the home screen to make it easier to find them and at the same time serve as a reminder every time you open the application.

Google Fit

Finally we are left with the widget that you now have more options to find which is most suitable for our needs. The former taught daily activity, but is now with the new that also teaches a chart of some of the objectives that we want to accomplish.

An update that brings us Another Google Fit more profiling as a whole and specific to what we seek today to register all daily activity we do. The update should be already in the Google Play Store so that you can instalarlan, but yes is not the case, you can access the version Google Fit 1.57 APK download then. We also recommend that you go through this post to know five of the best apps for running.

Download the APK from Google Fit version 1.57

Download: Google Fit (Free, Google Play) →

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