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[APK] Google Maps is updated with search on bike routes / walk, new FABs and much more

Google Maps

Two weeks ago we were discussing HERE Maps novelty in relation to bicycle routes and as since the beta they encouraged users to climb routes by bike so others can know them and thus to give a few good rides. HERE is not only putting the batteries in this sense and more in these dates that encourage both to take the bike, but it Maps, Google, is receiving some other detail in this regard as it happens with version 9.26.1.

Two months ago, not speaking about an interesting update to Google Maps. This time if he plays with the version 9.26.1 which comes with a good amount of detail and that as in other occasions, has some well hidden that will highlight. I have to mention that they are changes which possibly not find them first, but that will allow us to access notifications of new and popular places, changes to the FABs of the drive mode and the option now for everyone to use search through the route that we had selected.

Search both bicycling and walking

If you want to use the navigation when you’re in the car, surely that does not know the characteristic of search and the waypoints were introduced in October last year only under the driving mode. This feature was removed for the choice of bike and walk.


But finally, in the new version, the 9.26.1, corrects this exclusivity and the passes for the three modes of transport. In this way you can use the search to find restaurants, stores and other establishment on the route that you have established in Google Maps.

The FABs in drive mode

In January we had a new feature and this was the drive mode for some navigation features, but without having to choose a destination.

Google Maps

In the previous version the FAB search button was well located, but is not highlighted as Yes is now in the 9.26.1. Instead of being hidden behind the search button, it has its own unique and persistent place to be able to launch without major problems voice commands.

If first you cannot find it in the moment that you enter the drive mode, overshadowed appears until you click on any area of the map.

Notifications for new and popular places

Surely it is one of the best features of this new version of Maps and updates coming, since each month google integrates a new adjustment going on par.

Lugares nuevos

This time he has had the option to receive updates on new and popular sites that are close to our location. New facilities such as amusement, or any other site which is visited, will be shown in a notification. This is active by default, and can be disabled from settings > notifications.

A great option for sites in your area who are having a great acceptance by the public and that Google Maps will take care of you know what, until a friend you tell it.

The rest of news are rather details such as direct access to Ok Google settings has been added to the navigation settings screen or the option to change the icon of your sites to make it easier to recognize it among the various options that you can get to have.

With regard to the upcoming developments, from the APK are new lines of code suggesting that they can be download the addresses of certain areas where it is known in advance that the connection to the Internet is relatively poor. What will get that Maps recommends that you download them prior before going to the destination.

Download the APK from 9.26.1 of Google Maps version.

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