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[APK] Google updated calculator to the version 7.2 with history of calculations


The app calculator is of those that we have seen in very few occasions for these lines and is mainly due to the simplicity which proposes, since in the end it is a tool to perform mathematical calculations does not need nor of Visual fanfare or those grandiloquent additions other applications get periodically.

But this means that Google can forget to incorporate some interesting novelty as which has led to version 7.2 calculator. An app that now includes the history of calculations and that almost this functionality has been expected since a long time ago. Everything good is expected, today was the perfect day for you update.

Apart from what would be the history, not there is nothing new that can highlight if is compared with the version 7.1.1 posted above. As regards history, now is available for it to drag the screen to the top. This provides a list of previous mathematical calculations which has the quality that can be scrollable with gestures to find that a few days ago if we often use this app daily.


Them digits in the display main seems that have been changed of the color gray to the black to highlight more in our screens if is compares to the previous color.

And it said, if by what outside not searched used Google Calculator by a time, could be that you will find new things that you did return to it more often of what usually do. What would be the history and an optimized UI, might be new if you take time without throwing it.

You can download the APK from the link below if you do not want to wait to update the app from the Store Play Google, as it is usually done.

Download: Calculator (Free, Google Play) →

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