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[APK] Hangouts 10.0 version adds support to Direct Share


Direct Share is one of the most striking Android options of the latest batch and allows you to share directly to a user determined WhatsApp or Telegram, which saves omit some screens of more when we perform this action of sharing. To make it functional in full, the app is that has update to support a Direct Share and as an option when that window appears with all the options to share.

Hangouts, that app’s messaging which has left us with a bad taste in the mouth for the lack of affection by Google in these years, now in version 10.0, has added the support to Direct Share, enabling us to share content directly to the contacts that we most often communicate in our day to day. For users who view Hangouts as one of the most used for texting, is a great advantage to be able to send images, video, or links directly without major concerns.

The curious thing about this version 10.0, is that Google has gone completely to integrate news, when this number given that we could live to one higher version that came with important features. It is a curious but that allows us to see in right now where engaged Google as it relates to their messaging apps. Allo and Duo are right now girls in their eyes and Hangouts seems that bad boy and that’s misbehaving, and that they do not want to see any way.

Anyway, some detail to another can be found as the submit button has a shading when before it was grey. If you want to choose a Direct Share, check below for the APK that can be downloaded to avoid having to wait for the update.

Download the APK’s Hangouts 10.0

Download: Hangouts (Free, Google Play) →

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