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[APK] Hangouts in its version 14 adds shortcuts of the 7.1 and more


Yes, Hangouts is alive and kicking and can upgrade it so that it remains at the same time that these new developments coming from the 7.1. Although it has Allo as a competitor to own in your own home, green app is still present from the big G and now receives an update that follows the of other so many apps that are updating for apps shortcuts.

Although in the near future it has other goals, now has been updated in version 14 with the shortcuts of the 7.1, reorganization of the chat and settings menu commands, and what is a new workflow settings for group chats. Although it more interesting of this version are those accesses quick as it has been for Twitter in its version alpha of today itself.

Shortcuts shortcuts app Hangouts are: chat and video call, audio call. They may be used to having an Android version 7.1 or those who have some apps such as Nova Launcher or Action Launcher Launcher. Is can apply it same of it said in the update from Twitter that also brings get those accesses quick.

Group chat has been improved so that instead of pressing the button FAB, we have to click on “new conversation“. There is now a new “new group” button at the top of the conversation. Pressing it you can nominate your group and go choosing participants that are part of the same.

The screen of chat also has received some change. Now we have way separate “persons” and “options” to open up each one with individual screens. A few refinements to improve the experience of this app reviled by the own Google with the launch of Allo, which was updated last week to 2.0.

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