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[APK] Latest Twitter Alpha brings shortcuts, multi-window Nougat and round icon


Twitter is is putting them batteries and seems that all those information coming from certain companies that are wishing the purchase of this network social of micromensajes, not end up by define is and materialize is. If you put the batteries I say this because it looks like another great app, although this is rather a launcher for apps such as Nova, which is usually a day before all those innovations that are coming from the older Android updates, as it has been this 7.1 that has put us in the app shortcuts or shortcuts for certain actions of the applications.

Twitter is has updated to a new version “alpha”, that not beta, that brings get some news well interesting, although I’ll be with them access fast as it more appreciable. Apart from those shortcuts, there is also the support for multi-window to Nougat and the round icon that is at the same time that the design of Android 7.1 in which, as you may have seen in the Pixel also, avails itself of the circular and the rounded to offer a more distinctive and significant language. At the end of the entrance you can download the APK to have all those features.

The Twitter shortcuts

Surely that you will be eager to try the shortcuts or app shortcuts of Twitter, but If you have Nova Launcher in their latest beta, you will need to have Android 7.1 to try it in 6.0 Android Marshmallow, since updated this so appreciated for its quality pitcher does well little to offer this capability to perform fast from the same desktop actions to perform a long press.


Shortcuts or app shortctus which Twitter has included in this alpha version is the “search”, “new Tweet” and “new message”. All those functions is explained if alone and them have now available from a long press in the icon of Twitter that is located in the desktop of your beloved Android. For that you go getting used to these access fast safe that is a great welcome. At the end of the entry a link will pass you to so that you pass directly to the installation of Nova Launcher Beta to be able to access the app shortcuts from Marshmallow.

The icon round and the support to multi-window’s Twitter

Twitter has been updated so that those who have a Google Pixel may find that new round icon that goes at the same time that design seen language in Nougat and mainly the phone manufactured by the big G. For the rest of mortals, even those who have a Nexus 6 p in the 7.1.1 of Android, not can see. But, anyway, in some launchers it is possible to view it to be in unison.

Another new feature of Twitter is the multi-window support. Although this app has worked perfectly with the characteristics present in the Samsung since already a while ago, you can have your Twitter separated in different windows for those of you Android Nougat. This functionality was present from options for developers, but now, since the alpha, is now available in an official way, making it easier to access.

This alpha version of Twitter is available from the same program to do this, but you can download the alpha from the links that you will find below. With regard to Nova Launcher, one of the pitchers like Action Launcher that allow access to shortcuts or app shortcuts, you can go through this post for download. Will find the APK with which can install the 5.0 that is which brings get the support to that form of make them actions main of them applications that offer support already to that feature, because depends on of them developers that can use it without problems.

Download the APK from Twitter Alpha version of 32-bit / 64-bit version

Download: Twitter (Free, Google Play) →

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